Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Red Scarf story

How do you define ‘stay’ and ‘let go’ in a relationship when you already can anticipate that the relationship will never ever going to work? Guess everyone has his own different way in interpreting them. It seems like millions of ideas popping out in each and every time you think about the answers, and what really funny is that, did all these answers tally to what you do when come to action? Guess it is not. This does not mean that human are hypocrite in nature, it is just that, speaking is far much easier than doing it. Practically, this is what always happens in life. It isn’t what you plan or you want it to be like such, but you just can’t help it.

I came across a movie and that this particular movie gave me a hint, an idea to view the people nowadays. For human are not perfect, we often stay in a denial state. Keep reminding yourself ‘this relation will never work, he’s just too perfect and I’m not even up to it. So I’ve moved on’. But deep down, you know that you are still hanging on there. For you know that he’ll stay perfectly in your heart. Well, things get even harder when you know that he did actually like you before but for now he has moved on. Maybe this is the nature of girl, as she is just hard to get herself to fall in love, but once she does, it will never been an easy task for her to let go.

However, it might be just like a piece of cake for some people to start off a new relationship while he or she is not fully ready to commit or really in love with the another half. Saying that it would be unfair for his or her partner, if he or she does not love the partner with all his or her heart. Anyhow, so far as what I observed and encountered, human often being untrue to themselves. They did actually start off the relationship after one or two days they’ve said such thing and there it goes with so much promises which they thought they could keep. For some even can just end a relationship and move on to another, and all these may just happen in a split second. How does such a short period of time is sufficient to kick off a new relationship? Well, maybe these are what we so-called ‘spark’ and ‘excitement of love and chemistry’, and guess it is just all about fate.

If you would asked me what I think upon such relationship, I would say no comment, but to say good luck, as I never want to over-judge anything. For some people, they always have an idea of ‘never try, never know’. Or it is just two is better than one? And is this the reason of getting yourself a partner because you just don’t want to be alone? So ask yourself if you are truly seeking for true love or companionship. Well, different people would have different perspective upon this issue and this is really an arguable hot topic.

Sometimes, I just can’t really understand why people can switch their mind so fast, it’s just a little too hard to comprehend and hence, here come into sight the empty promises. I do understand that they do really mean it at the moment when they take vows and pledges, but what really happen in reality is that their feelings just don’t last. They just can’t help it when they have lost feeling to their partners and that’s why they always claim that they are not liars. At times, even they, themselves feel so helpless, but doesn’t it sound a little irresponsible and immature in this context.

Apparently, I do feel a little lose hope in love and have the insecure feeling upon this issue, but deep down I still have a strong feeling that if two people are meant to be together, then they will be together. Waiting for true love to come into sight without making any extra effort to make things work out seem to be a bit naïve, but that is just me, as I do believe that what we so-called ‘fate’, and for only God knows what is the best for us. For he will decide and show you the right path when the time comes. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven. So, just keep in faith, patience will find love and God will guide you through.

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